The brand

Combining her Swedish origins and her Parisian lifestyle, Karin started SMÅ to create an adorable sweet line of clothing and bedding for babies and toddlers. Her collections are a fusion from Scandinavian inspiration and French refinement. Season after season, and always in a contemporary way, her passion of fabrics and the savoir-faire of the artisans makes all the charm of SMÅ.

The SMÅ collections are born in our designstudio in the heart of Paris, and produced in Europe, by hand or in small scale production, using environmentally friendly materials as far as possible.

We have chosen to use natural materials produced and prepared from farms and landscapes around us. At SMÅ our main goal is to offer our clients the finest products possible and it is important for us that there is a thought
given to every process of the value chain, from idea to final product.

When producing within Europe we can make sure our materials are produced under moral and ethically approved circumstances. We can make sure fair profits are made in order to give the farmers and their cattle acceptable living conditions. We make sure our craftsmen and seamstresses are given the good working conditions in order to produce the fine products we want to offer our customer and their beloved ones.





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